Wood and class: the rustic style

If you are looking for a comfortable, casual style that reminds you of country houses and nature and that gives you the possibility to create a very relaxed atmosphere, the rustic style is undoubtedly the one that will meet your expectations. With some practical advice, a little creativity and some imagination, you will only have to invest some time and very little money to achieve excellent results. The time is now, make up your mind and decorate it yourself , the first step as always is to determine where you will start to make the changes in your home. If you are going to paint or wallpaper, keep in mind that the ideal colors are neutral and warm.

This type of decoration comes directly from the countryside, so beige, earthy and stone tones will be the most suitable and will bring a piece of nature into your home. wood should be one of the most important touches, but with the new trend of Low Cost decoration , you can recycle many objects that are discarded and achieve wonderful seats, benches, flowerpots and even room dividers with recovered boards, beams and strips.Take a good look at the decorations you have at home or those you accumulate in the storage room, because you will surely have some handmade wooden objects that will help you give that country touch you are looking for. If you have furniture or accessories made of rattan, wood or wicker, use them. Arrange them with imagination and good taste to achieve that bucolic, country look that reminds you of the fresh country air.

Combine them with cushions and covers in bright, cheerful colours and put yellowish bulbs in the lamps to warm up the space without losing light. Use a few shelves in corners that are often neglected and decorate them with decorative indoor plants. The perfect finish will be the touches of wood on coat racks, door handles and door stops.

Mackenzie Bélanger
Mackenzie Bélanger

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