The colours of a logo

Choosing the right colours for your logoLogos are purely visual means of communication. It is therefore essential to choose the right colours to create a logo, as these will influence the public's perception and its possible desire to buy or use the service. All colours have their meaning, but you must ask yourself what values you want to convey with your logo, the environment and the target. Red evokes energy but also provocation.

It is well adapted to new technologies or the automotive sector. Dynamic orange can be suitable for a sporting world. Yellow is warm. It evokes motivation and creativity.

It can be associated with the presentation of services. Green can be linked to finance (dark green) as well as to nature (light green). Blue is safe, it inspires confidence. Purple often evokes a feminine universe while pink is more associated with modernity, luxury or having a "girly" side.

Brown evokes strength and seriousness, while black also evokes the world of luxury or high technology. White is associated with youth, while grey is more serious or even mysterious. We can be inspired by the standards commonly used in the industry but without forgetting that the logo must be unique. It is possible to choose colours with strong associations and use the company name to draw up the main characteristics that one wants to highlight: do we want to emphasize tradition, optimism, play, trend, innovation.

The choice of colours will be a real declaration of belonging to a sector or values. The basic principlesIt is possible to choose a basic colour and to nuance it by adding white, black or grey. One can also choose to limit oneself to the primary colours with red, yellow and blue. They can be combined with their opposites or with white.

It is not mandatory to use all three colours and two may be sufficient. The secondary and tertiary colours offer a real visual balance, while the complementary colours help to promote contrasts. In all cases, a maximum of three colours can be used. A monochrome logo can also be considered.

With a minimalist style, the impact can be very strong. Legibility should be good and, if there are written words, the font should be extremely clear. You also need to think about how the colours should be bevelled. If it is possible to juxtapose several colours, it is more efficient to distribute them evenly in clear sections.

Shades, shadows, whites can be used but be aware that the logo must be effective even if the support is black and white and on any material.

Mackenzie Bélanger
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