Maintenance of pergolas or wooden porches, fact or fiction?

If there is anyone who likes construction, it is men, and among many of the structures to which they turn their attention is the exterior ones. Pergolas or porches receive all the attention because of their attractiveness, because they have the responsibility to make the first impression of a house and because of how useful they are over time. But when it comes to building or choosing these structures, men always come across a doubt, a question that haunts them and makes them doubt which is the best decision: Will maintenance be complicated? Is there a chance that it will become a problem because of the choice of wood as the main material? This question must be answered with two categorical no's. Because the reality is that the maintenance of these structures is not complex.

It is a myth that must be overcome and left behind as soon as possible in view of the much confusion it has created among all kinds of people all over the world. Pergolas and porches made from this material benefit from a striking, strong and solid appearance. At the same time, wood is a component that we can obtain economically and that does not pose any problems of availability. Not least, the home will benefit greatly from the use of this material because the properties of wood include a strong insulating capacity.

It isolates both acoustically and thermally, being surpassed by few other materials in this sense. However, as long as we take into account several factors. The first one is that the construction must have been done with the use of the appropriate materials and components. There are woods and woods.

For example, it is highly recommended to use laminated and glued wood, both pine and fir. With these two types, the chances of success and maintenance are 100%. The second fundamental factor is that the maintenance required is minimal, but it is necessary to know how to use the most suitable products for this task. We must be guided by the most trained professionals so that they can tell us which products are best suited to the type of structure installed.

By complying with these two factors, the maintenance that will have to be carried out will be minimal, will not require any type of effort and, better than all that, will only have to be carried out at very occasional moments. And the quality of both the porch and the pergola will be maintained as well as on the first day.

Mackenzie Bélanger
Mackenzie Bélanger

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