How to create a You Tube channel and get success?

In the world of internet, the image is the biggest paradigm to reach anyone in any part of the world. You Tube is a platform that can offer online videos of all kinds, not only that, in fact for some years has all the features of a real social network, starting with the specific channel, which works like an Instagram or Facebook profile, so you can create one or follow it, comment, leave feedback and put likes on the videos you like the most.It follows that this platform is also very useful for promoting ecommerce, and you can use it in a complementary way by sharing content through social networks, thus expanding your reach. Here are some practical tips to promote your business, create your own channel and be successful on YouTube.The cover photo enhances your brandWhether it's a personal profile, ecommerce or brand, your channel will show a banner where the name and photo is. And it is the cover image that is the first paradigm that will strike online users.

You can use different styles, make your page minimalist or extravagant, play with creativity to differentiate yourself from your competitors; what is important is to take a high quality photo and upload formats of 2560 by 1440 pixels, with a size that does not exceed 4MB. The more unique, creative and high quality the photo is, the more users will be fascinated by your profile image.Create an interesting trailer to attract more usersIf the image of your channel is important, videos are essential, as You Tube is a platform that serves just that. Remember not to be long-winded and give users all the information they need in a few seconds, maximum 1 minute. This way everyone will watch your video presentation without getting bored, so address your target audience with confidence and explain who you are, what kind of activity you do and what content you will offer in the future on this channel.

Before uploading the trailer, experiment by making various videos and use the best ones, maybe you can make a collage and edit the most successful frames, always remembering not to exaggerate with the duration. If you manage to be short, concise and effective, you will be able to create a certain interest around your channel and multiply the number of followers.Use keywords to optimize your videos on search enginesTo get the best possible result on search engines, you will need to enter the keywords that are most relevant to your business. During the upload of each video you will be asked for tags, description and title, these are the coordinates needed to make your video easily findable on the platform and in search engines. You Tube also works like websites and every video uploaded is indexed in terms of SEO.

Google works very closely with this platform and to achieve greater success and climb the search pages, it is important that each video uploaded is rich in keywords without exceeding.Consistency and constancy are keyOpening a You tube channel, sharing 10 videos in 1 month and then staying 3 months without sharing anything is a failing strategy. To keep it alive and allow a growth of followers, it is important to schedule and plan a certain number of videos per month or week. Depending on your schedule, make sure you can accomplish what you set out to do, stay consistent with the topics the page was created for, and be consistent in providing your audience with original and creative material. The more you can differentiate yourself from your competitors, the better your audience will respond.Organizing a constant publication of videos will not only help your channel grow and push it towards success, but it will also increase the web reputation and stimulate trust from followers.

You will also get more shares on other social networks and reach more people. You have to organize your You Tube channel as a real television channel and offer a schedule of videos precise and full of original content.Integrate your videos with blogs, websites and social pagesAs already mentioned, every video can be shared on social networks, so don't forget to create company pages on Facebook and Instagram where you can accompany the sharing of your videos with content. Blogs or websites are also particularly useful for this purpose, in fact, they allow you to improve the quality of the content you write and go deeper into the issues. Video, social and content are a sacred and inseparable trinity, through these three methods you can amplify your reach and get more and more approval from followers.

These are the first steps to achieve success with your personal You Tube channel.

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