Experience an unforgettable holiday in Waren - discover the "Land of a Thousand Lakes".

The city of Waren offers many things that speak for a holiday in Germany. The city is located on the banks of the Müritz and is the best place to discover the "Land of a Thousand Lakes". The Müritz National Park, which borders the city area, is even part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage. Curious now? Then find out what all speaks for a holiday in the heart of the Mecklenburg Lake District.

Relax on a houseboat and enjoy natureThe

"land of a thousand lakes" promises a lot of water fun.

There are not only good places to swim, but also many great activities. Even renting a houseboat Müritz is possible. Especially group travelers and families should consider a vacation on a houseboat. There is hardly anything better to relax in nature and just enjoy the peace and quiet.

And photographers and nature watchers don't miss out either. It is not without reason that renting houseboats on the Mecklenburg Lake District is a real insider tip that attracts tourists from all over the world to Waren.

Explore the Müritz National ParkThe

Müritz National Park offers a distinctive landscape of moors, beech and pine forests. In addition, there is a unique flora and fauna. With a bit of luck, holidaymakers can catch a glimpse of red deer, white-tailed eagles, cranes, ant lions and moor oxen here.

A highlight within the national park is the so-called bear forest in Müritz. This is the largest bear sanctuary in Western Europe. It is located on 16 hectares of forest. A safe possibility to observe bears in their natural environment.

A comparable spectacle would be the resting of the cranes, but this is reserved exclusively for autumn holidaymakers and locals.

Camping at the MüritzYear

after year, campers are


drawn to Waren to spend their holidays at one of the campsites on the Müritz. One of the most popular places for this is the camping site Ecktannen at the Müritz National Park. Ecktannen offers a great landscape on its 17 hectares.

The extensive area is natural and there are both shady and sunny spots. And even those looking for something more secluded are likely to find success. Pitches for caravans and motorhomes are available. There are also various activities on offer in the area.

Visit cultural events in the BürgersaalCulture lovers

should definitely pay a visit to the Bürgersaal in Waren. Various public events take place here. The Bürgersaal is one of the best places to enjoy a musical or attend a theatre performance. If you are there at the turn of the year, you should not miss the "festive New Year's Concert" and the "New Year's Eve Ball".

Some guests even travel to Waren especially for these two events.

Learn more about the region in the Haus des Gast

esFrom May to September there are lectures on regional topics in the Haus des Gastes. Listeners are welcome and admission is even free. Furthermore, art and theatre events as well as concerts take place here. An insider tip for bookworms: In the Haus des Gastes there is a reading room with WLAN access.

There is also a pharmacy on the ground floor. The Haus des Gastes is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

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